31VENTURES|Venture Co-creation Department, Mitsui Fudosan Co., Ltd.

Seeking partners to create the future together.

31VENTURES provides necessary financial and managerial support
alongside uplifting communities to
create an environment for startups to grow and gain genuine ability.

Three Pillars for co-creation with startups


Provision of Business Fields and Formulation of a Community


Hands-on Support Encompassing Every Field


CVC Fund and LP Investments.


31VENTURES Club is a community where business operators of startups, employees of major companies, designers, engineers, freelancers and others with various backgrounds come together. 31VENTURES members are entitled to regular support through the Community Managers and to participate in various networking “places” such as events, in addition to using 31VENTURES’s co-working space. You can create new innovations through the club’s community.

  • Available of
    all co-working spaces
  • Hands-on support
    with Community Manager
  • Offering collaboration
    and matching opportunity
Admission Guide