31VENTURES Global Innovation Fund Ⅱ has invested in HataLuck and Person Inc., a provider of vertical SaaS “HataLuck(R)” for the store service industry, as the lead investor

Mitsui Fudosan Co., Ltd., through its 31VENTURES Global Innovation Fund Ⅱ., has invested in HataLuck and Person Inc. (HataLuck and Person), a provider of “HataLuck(R)” which is a transformation platform for the store service industry to enhance productivity. HataLuck and Person has changed the company’s name since April 2022 from Knowledge Merchants Works Inc. This is a follow-on investment in the company after Mitsui Fudosan’s initial investment in the previous funding round (through its 31VENTURES Global Innovation Fund I). 

HataLuck and Person is striving to improve productivity of the service industry through its SaaS product “HataLuck(R)” , a store management tool for store managers and shift workers. It is an all-in-one solution for communication among employees, training, shift schedule creation, and evaluation, which were previously managed by separate tools. It also helps the headquarters to manage multiple stores, contributing to higher productivity/employee engagement and better operations. The system also has functions for shopping mall operators to simultaneously send information and control access of tenant employees. Through this fundraising, HataLuck and Person plans to accelerate additional function development of “HataLuck(R)” and focus on new business development for the service industry.

Mitsui Fudosan invested in HataLuck and Person in the previous funding round, highly appreciating its deep understanding of challenges in the service industry and the high quality of its product “HataLuck(R)”. As HataLuck and Person’s business has been steadily growing with new functions and enhanced quality, we decided to make an additional investment. 

■About HataLuck and Person Inc.
Location Chuo-ku, Tokyo, Japan
Representative(s) Takeshi Someya
Founded January, 2017