KOIL is a new innovation creation base that is free from conventional styles,
established in order to connect a person with a person,
an idea with an idea and an activity with an activity.
Here awaits a future that no one could ever imagine.

Diverse work space suitable for growth stage of startups

At the center of 31VENTURES KOIL is “KOIL Park,” an approximately 170-seat co-working space that can allow one person to concentrate on their work or facilitate multiple participants as they have discussions as well as a variety of other purposes suited to different work styles.

A number of events attracting not only the 31VENTURES members and local residents but also many participants from Tokyo take place at KOIL. Such events that can bring new encounters and offer new insight are one of the most enticing characteristics of 31VENTURES KOIL.

Exclusive offices for a small group to a large group on the one hundred people scale

In addition to co-working space, 31VENTURES KOIL offers office space of various sizes,
including booths and exclusive offices both big and small, to flexibly meet the change in the numbers of employees at fast-growing startups.
Exclusive offices are equipped with desks, chairs, cabinet and other furniture. Business operations can be started smoothly from the very first day as internet connections and room-cleaning are also included in the base charge.

Category Room number Area
Innovation office 601~604 Approx. 49 m2
Innovation office 605~610 Approx. 21 m2
Innovation office 612、613 Approx. 12 m2
KOIL garage Room 1~14 Approx. 12 m2~Approx. 34 m2
KOIL garage Booth A~G Approx. 6.7 m2
Meeting rooms/event space usage fee (*Meeting rooms and event space may also be used by non-members.)
Category Area No. of people General fee Member rate
KOILスタジオ AreaApprox. 91 m2 No. of people80 General fee5,000 yen/30 min. 100,000 yen/day Member rate4,000 yen/30 min. 80,000 yen/day
KOILサロン AreaApprox. 88 m2 No. of people36 General fee4,000 yen/30 min. 80,000 yen/day Member rate3,200 yen/30 min. 64,000 yen/day
KOIL Mtg Room A1 AreaApprox. 27m2 No. of people10 General fee2,500 yen/30 min. Member rate2,000 yen/30 min.
KOIL Mtg Room A2 AreaApprox. 16m2 No. of people8 General fee1,250 yen/30 min. Member rate1,000 yen/30 min.
KOIL Mtg Room A3 AreaApprox. 46m2 No. of people16 General fee3,500 yen/30 min. Member rate2,800 yen/30 min.
31VENTURES KOIL Park Options
Category Fee Remark
Fixed seats 12,000 yen/month Only for Unlimited Usage Plan
Fixed booth seats 15,000 yen/month Only for Unlimited Usage Plan
Locker 2,000 yen and up/month Depends on the locker size
Mailbox 1,000 yen/month
*For details of options, please contact the reception desk at the facility.

Transform your ideas into reality from the start”KOIL Factory”

31VENTURES KOIL have made a wide range of digital fabrication devices available at “KOIL Factory” to significantly help prototyping,
which is fundamental to speedy commodification.
Devices for achieving the cutting-edge production of goods, such as 3D printers,
a laser cutter and other electronic machine tools, will shorten the time of converting ideas into three-dimensional prototypes,
leading to acceleration of innovations to meet diverse business needs while making manufacturing easier.

Device usage fee
Device name Usage hours General usage feeFee for mebers
Laser cutter Usage hours10 min.~
General usage fee750 Yen/10 min.
Fee for mebers600 Yen/10 min.
3D printer Usage hours30 min.~
General usage fee750 Yen/30 min.
Fee for mebers600 Yen/30 min.
3D modeler/3D scanner Usage hours30 min.~
General usage fee2,000 Yen /30 min.
Fee for mebers1,600 Yen/30 min.
*First-time users must receive lessons on how to operate each device before using them. (Fee required)
*Use of some devices requires additional cost for materials.
*In addition to devices listed above, workshop tool kit, soldering copper, electric driver, drill press, etc. are available.

◯ To use KOIL Factory
Advance reservation is required to use the KOIL Factory.
Reservations are accepted by email.

□Email: service@31v-club.jp
Please write your name, contact information, device you wish to use and scheduled starting/ending time and send it to the above address.。
※KOIL office hours: 9:00 – 21:00


Office type
Co-working (approx. 170 seats), private rooms/booth (33 spaces)
Ancillary facilities
Meeting rooms (fee-based, free of charge), event space (up to approx. 80 seats), factory facility


Shop and Office Tower 6F, District 148-2,
Kashiwa-no-ha Campus 178-4 Wakashiba, Kashiwa-shi, Chiba

The nearest station is Kashiwanoha-campus Station on the Tsukuba Express Line (*30 min. from Akihabara).

  • 2 min. walk from Kashiwanoha-campus Station, West Exit
  • Approx. 2.5km from Kashiwa Interchange