2017.02.01 TOPICS

CVC fund has acquired shares of NANOEGG® Research Laboratories

“31VENTURES Global Innovation Fund” has acquired shares of NANOEGG® Research Laboratories, Inc., a company conducting pharmaceutical R&D and cosmetics business.

NANOEGG® Research Laboratories is a startup originating from the St. Marianna University School of Medicine. NANOEGG® Research Laboratories possesses advanced technology in dermatology; in particular, its Drug Delivery System (DDS) technology enables active ingredients to permeate through skin and hair efficiently by unique nanoencapculation technology. This technology has been patented and has been introduced into products with high permeation effect of active ingredients.


■About NANOEGG® Research Laboratories, Inc.

Company Name: NANOEGG® Research Laboratories, Inc.

Location: Tokyo, Japan

Director: Yoko Yamaguchi, Director of R&D

Founded: 2006

URL: http://www.nanoegg.co.jp/