2017.02.14 TOPICS

CVC fund has invested in CrediFi

“31VENTURES Global Innovation Fund” has invested in CrediFI , a New York City and Tel Aviv-based company providing a SaaS big data platform serving the Commercial Real Estate Finance market.

CrediFi’s cloud-based data services enable visibility into both the opportunities and risks in Commercial Real Estate (CRE) finance markets. Leveraging the best of both technology and human expertise, CrediFi collects and analyzes data that educates key decision makers, empowering them to make smarter and more profitable decisions.

The CrediFi data platform covers $13 trillion in CRE debt in the U.S., and uniquely combines both securitized and non-securitized loans, including Commercial Mortgage Backed Securities (CMBS). These relate to 2.3 million properties, in all 50 states, across the full spectrum of CRE asset classes, from multifamily to offices, and from distribution centers to senior housing. Loan origination, portfolio management, and competitive analysis, are available in one place, enabling market players to lend more intelligently and invest more strategically. Current clients include premier asset holders, hedge funds, large scale institutional banks, and others.


■About CrediFi

Company Name: CrediFi Corp.

Location: New York , USA Tel Aviv, Israel

Founder and CEO: Ely Razin

Founded: 2014

URL: http://www.credifi.com/