2019.05.21 TOPICS

Investment in Immense Simulations, the AI powered simulation software which makes transport planning faster and safer, co-leading with Amadeus Capital Partners

31 VENTURES Global Innovation Fund I has made investments in Immense Simulations Ltd. (CEO: Robin North), a London based intelligent mobility software company providing the AI powered simulation software which makes transport planning faster and safer, with GB-VII Growth Fund Investment Limited Partnership.


Immense was founded in 2016 as a spin-out from the UK government’s Catapult program. The platform uses simulation and AI to revolutionize how transport stakeholders make decisions about the movement of people and goods. Immense provides highly-detailed, agent-based simulations of travelers, places and mobility systems that enable rapid operational understanding of how a city moves. It facilitates experimentation with service deployments when integrating new technology and business models to a transport system. Simulation-based planning will help cities and autonomous vehicle operators manage the challenges of connected, shared and electrified transport. Immense has proven the transferability of these methods with early clients in the UK, EU and in North America.


With this Series A funding, Immense aims to aid the continued growth and development of its AI-driven ‘Simulation as a Service’ platform, which is disrupting traditional transportation modelling.


31 VENTURES Global Innovation Fund I will continue leveraging its resources to support Immense by assisting its penetration into the Asian market, including but not limited to building partnership/alliances with its potential clients.



■About Immense Simulations
Location                 London, U.K.
CEO                          Robin North