2019.03.26 TOPICS

Investing in Synamon Inc., the provider of the “NEUTRANS BIZ” a VR collaboration service, and implementing “NEUTRANS BIZ”

31VENTURES Global Innovation Fund I announces that it has invested in Synamon Inc., which provides the VR collaboration service “NEUTRANS BIZ.”
Moreover, we decided to introduce “NEUTRANS BIZ” in the 31VENTURES co-working spaces “31VENTURES Clip Nihonbashi” and “31VENTURES KOIL.”


Synamon has been developing products in VR / AR / MR since 2016. Their base system “NEUTRANS” enables to for create an optimal user experience in the VRspace, and in May 2018 they started offering a beta version of their VR collaboration service “NEUTRANS BIZ” built on the base system.


“NEUTRANS BIZ” is a new generation collaboration service that supports decision making by allowing multiple node to connect in VR space simultaneously and share the visual data.
NEUTRANS BIZ will be updated significantly after testing the beta version, andwe plan to start offering The official version of “NEUTRANS BIZ” has launchedApril 2019, with significant update from its beta version.
We will continue to improve the user environments of the co-working spacesoperated by 31VENTURES.


About Synamon
Company : NameSynamon Inc.
Address : 1-21-9, Higashi Gotanda, Shinagawa, Tokyo
Representative : CEO Wataru TAKEHI
Establishment Date : August 2016
Business Lineup : Planning and development of VR / AR / MR products
URL : http://synamon.jp