2018.08.02 TOPICS

Investment in Okan, Inc., an“Office Okan” food service provider

31VENTURES Global Innovation Fund I has invested in Okan, Inc., a Tokyo-based company known for providing the “Office Okan” small-scale food delivery services for office space.
The mission of Okan is to enrich daily diet of your office. “Office Okan” is provided as a company fringe benefits aimed at enhancing their health and welfare by serving healthy food items at in-house restaurants.
31VENTURES decided to invest in Okan in recognition of the company’s management philosophy, focused on health care in work space, and the “Office Okan” service being introduced at more than 1,200 corporate eating facilities (as of the end of July 2018).
■About Okan
Corporate name:Okan, Inc.
Location:Ishiyama Building 4F, 1-58-1, Yoyogi, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
Representative:CEO Keita Sawaki
Date of foundation:Dec. 10, 2012
Mainstay services:
<Corporate service> “Office Okan” petit food service for corporate employees
<Service for household customers> “Okan” monthly food-dish delivery service
URL: https://company.okan.jp/