2018.02.27 TOPICS

CVC Fund has invested in GeoSpock, the extreme-scale data integration platform

31VENTURES Global Innovation Fund I has invested in GeoSpock Inc., a Cambridge based company providing the extreme-scale data integration platform to smart-city developers .


GeoSpock aims to become the de facto processing engine at the heart of next-generation infrastructure, including smart cities and Internet of Everything (IoE), as well as powering future mobility applications, including the management of autonomous vehicle fleets.


The company’s revolutionary data engine analyses extreme amounts of contextual data in sub-second response times. It has the capability to improve artificial intelligence (AI) speed significantly, to enable the use of extreme data to train new systems, and to integrate and correlate information from a wide variety of data sources at a moment’s notice.


About GeoSpock
Location: Cambridge, UK
CEO: Richard Baker
Founded: 2013
Business description: GeoSpock innovates a data integration platform, which visualizes large amounts of contextual data in milliseconds
Website: www.geospock.com