2017.12.01 TOPICS

CVC Fund invests in SCADAfence LTD., the developer of cyber security solutions

31VENTURES Global Innovation Fund I has invested in SCADAfence LTD., the startup from Israel providing cyber security solutions for Operational Technologies (OT).


Recently, cyber security solutions for OT environments have attracted a lot of attention. As a result of OT environments have connected to external networks, threat of cyber-attack is increasing rapidly. In fact, hacking in OT environments are critical issue for many manufactures. To tackling this issue, SCADAfence provides industrial security solutions with minimal impact to daily operation.


■About SCADAfence
Company name: SCADAfence, LTD.
Location Be’er Sheva,Israel
CEO:   Yoni Shohet
Founded: 2014
Business description: Cyber security for closed network environment
URL    https://www.scadafence.com/