Let's create a new business
with us.

A diverse group of members are working to
realize co-creation with startups.

  • Executive Officer,
    General Manager of
    Venture Co-creation Department

    Atsumi Kanaya

    Mr. Atsumi Kanaya was in charge of redevelopment projects in Nihonbashi, Tokyo Midtown in Roppongi and other complex development projects. After he became the general manager of the strategy planning and administration department in the office building division, which is involved in advanced and attractive mixed-use urban development with landowners and joint ventures, then he was appointed to the venture co-creation department.

  • Executive Manager

    Nobuyuki Tanaka

    Mr. Nobuyuki Tanaka is in charge of mentoring for co-creation type new project development, utilizing his extensive project experience in the overall housing project, office building project planning, fund and M&A practice, hotel and resort development and operation project, real estate consulting business, new project development, and real estate business and beyond.

  • Executive Manager

    Hidekazu Nakai

    Mr. Hidekazu Nakai was transferred from the site of the residential land development project to the corporate sales department. He was mainly in charge of financial institutions that were struggling with bad debt. After that, he worked in the subsidiary management department where he restructured (corporate divestiture・selling a company) subsidiaries. He will be joining the Co-creation Group of the Venture Co-creation Department this spring.

  • Executive Manager

    Takeshi Kodama

    After promoting new in-house projects and overall real estate investment in Japan and the U.S., Mr. Takeshi Kodama has been promoting overall CVC business since the establishment of this division in April 2015. He is the head of the group that oversees the CVC business and has been a member of the large company collaboration subcommittee of the Japan Venture Capital Association since July 2020.

  • Investment Manager

    Eiichi Tomatsu

    Mr. Eiichi Tomatsu has joined Mitsui Fudosan after working at the finance department of a securities firm and a M&A advisory firm. He experienced corporate sales, housing business, and public relations before joining 31VENTURES in October 2021.
    He is mainly in charge of CVC funds, LP investments, collaboration with startups, and new business development.

  • Project Manager

    Yasushi Kawase

    Mr. Yasushi Kawase has been involved in the development of urban complexes, the formulation and management of short- and medium-term management plans, and has promoted the construction of urban smart cities and industrial ecosystems in the Nihonbashi area, such as the "life science" and "space" domains. He is mainly in charge of the search and co-creation of Mitsui Fudosan's next generation business partners.

  • Principal

    Satoru Yamada

    Mr. Satoru Yamada has experienced tenant leasing and asset management in the office building projects, as well as land acquisition in the residential projects. He has been in charge of CVC funds, LP investments, collaboration with startups, and new business development.

  • Project Leader

    Kosuke Yamamoto

    At the investment banking division of a Japanese securities firm, Mr. Kosuke Yamamoto has been involved in M&A advisory work in sectors such as electronics, precision, machinery, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, and food, etc. He joined the company in 2020 and has been involved in building startup ecosystems, collaborating with startups, and new project development, etc.

  • Project Leader

    Tomohisa Shiohata

    Mr. Tomohisa Shiohata has experiences in developing new services with tenants in the office building project and launching a new in-house project, "WORK STYLING", a shared office. Currently, he is promoting the "E.A.S.T. Concept" to build a startup ecosystem in the east side of Tokyo, centering on Nihonbashi.

  • Principal

    Taiju Miyaji

    Mr. Taiju Miyaji joined Mitsui Fudosan after working as a M&A advisor at a Japanese investment bank, especially in pharmaceutical, food & beverage, consumer retail, oil & gas, and steel & metals industries.
    He experienced developing a commercial facility before joining 31VENTURES in April 2022. He is mainly in charge of CVC funds, LP investments, and collaboration with startups.

  • Principal

    Atsuyuki Kiriyama

    After being committed to housing development project and real estate consulting, Mr. Atsuyuki Kiriyama was assigned to Japan Business Federation (Keidanren) and engaged in making policy proposals for strengthening startup ecosystem in Japan.

  • Principal

    Shunichiro Nakano

    After working in developing and sales planning business of high grade rental apartments, Mr. Shunichiro Nakano experienced land acquisition, developing, management, and sales business of luxury hotels.
    He has been in charge of CVC fund, LP investment, collaboration with startups, and new project development, etc.


    Tomoya Suzuki

    Mr. Tomoya Suzuki joined Mitsui Fudosan in 2022 and has been in charge of building startup ecosystems and office management.
    As he was researching wireless communication technology and haptics, his specialties are engineering, mainly in the fields of electronics and IT.

  • Principal

    Yohei Kamikubo

    While in university, Mr. Yohei Kamikubo played guitar and bass in the rock band quizmaster in Japan and Taiwan. After the band broke up, he worked in auditing and FAS at a major audit firm, and at the NY branch of a Japanese financial institution. He joined the company in 2019 and has been engaged in CVC business, new project development, PR, etc.

  • Principal

    Yusuke Shioyama

    Mr. Yusuke Shioyama has experience in accounting audit at a major audit firm, new project development support at a consulting firm, and startup investment and alliance support and event planning, etc., at a co-working service company. He joined the company in 2019 and has been in charge of investing through CVC and collaborating with startups.

  • Principal

    Chie Yamashita

    Ms. Chie Yamashita has worked for 7 years at a consulting firm specializing in branding, developing new project models and new projects for toC.
    She joined 31VENTURES in 2020 and has been in charge of office management, community creation, and co-creation support for startups.

  • Principal

    Shuhei Ejiri

    Mr. Shuhei Ejiri worked at a telecom carrier's automated driving related business subsidiary, where he experienced consulting sales for demonstration experiments and BizDev. He joined the company in 2020 and has been in charge of CVC fund, LP investment, collaboration with startups, and new project development. My field of expertise is mobility.

  • Senior Project Manager

    Takayasu Ishida

    CREW SYSTEMS l Mr. Takayasu Ishida has been involved in all lines since he joined the company, including the corporate solutions department, the Nagoya branch business section and land use, building sales, and his current position as building marketing development manager, and have been in charge of a wide range of negotiations with a wide range of clients for 30 years. Currently, he is on secondment as executive vice president, general manager of administration division, marketing division and internal audit office at Crew Systems Corporation.

  • Senior Project Manager

    Tadanao Miyamoto

    CREW SYSTEMS・Mitsui Fudosan Worldfarm l Mr. Tadanao Miyamoto has 7 years of experience in regional development, 12 years of experience in the Legal Group, as well as experience in J-REIT and the Chinese economy, and has a wealth of expertise in dealing with the "difficult issues" of the world. He experienced the early days of in-house compliance when he was in the Legal Group. His specialties are self-taught popular piano and music composition.

  • Project Manager

    Hirofumi Iwasaki

    Mitsui Fudosan Worldfarm Co.,Ltd.  l Mr. Hirofumi Iwasaki was in charge of tenant leasing and site acquisition in the Nihonbashi area, and joined the venture co-creation department in April 2019. In August 2020, we launched Mitsui Fudosan Worldfarm Co.,Ltd. and have been appointed as the representative director.

  • Project Leader

    Yuichiro Ishii

    Mitsui Fudosan Worldfarm Co.,Ltd. l After experiencing office building project planning and administrative operations, Mr. Yuichiro Ishii was involved in corporate operations in company management, such as risk management and secretariat of general shareholders meetings, etc. Since October 2020, he has been seconded to Mitsui Fudosan Worldfarm Co.,Ltd.

  • Project Manager

    Keiichirou Koumura

    BASE Q l Mr. Keiichirou Koumura joined the company in 2007 after working for a publishing company. In 2014, he led the launch of Clip Nihonbasi, a pioneering open innovation facility. In 2018, he opened BASE Q in Tokyo Midtown Hibiya and has been providing open innovation support programs for major companies.

  • Project Leader

    Yusuke Abe

    BASE Q l Mr. Yusuke Abe worked as a media producer and manager at a mega-venture company. He was in charge of project planning, product planning, marketing planning, project management, various marketing and BPR. In 2020, he joined BASE Q, a company that supports open innovation in large corporations.

  • Principal

    Minako Shouno

    Ms. Minako Shouno worked on engagement measures targeting the next generation at public interest incorporated foundation company. At that time, she experienced planning and managing events and implementing educational programs. In 2020, she joined BASE Q, a company that supports open innovation in large corporations.